Carl Meek & James Lovett - Build Diary for Westfield
Car Specifications

The Car
Westfield SEiW Megabusa
Front Wide Track & Second Generation Anti-Roll Bar
Rear Anti-Roll bar
CAGED Race Roll Cage
Nitron Alloy Gas Shocks
Compomotive CXR 13" Wheels, 7" front, 9" rear
1:3.6 Limited Slip Differential
Toyo R888 Road-Legal 185/60 & 205/60 Track Tyres
499kgs split 46% front 54% rear
Corner weight & Geo suspension setup by
Alloy Uprights and AP Racing Front Calipers
4 point race harnesses
Carbon Fibre Dashboard & Tunnel

The Engine
Suzuki Hayabusa 1548cc in standard 1300cc casings
billet stroker crankshaft (balanced with genny at last rebuild)
Built by Karl of Extreme Engines
Bored & Stroked to increase capacity from standard 1300
steel con rods
83mm high compression pistons
cylinder rebore and plated (done in usa)
race cams adjustable sprockets
gasflowed cylinder head (and skimmed to give higher compression at last rebuild)
6 Speed Sequential Gearbox with Paddle-Shift
SBD Throttle bodies with 480cc Peco injectors
all arp bolts etc.
Nova Billet Dry Sump
Custom oversize exhaust system
loads of other mods done too.

MBE 992c Engine Management System
Custom Wiring Loom
Race Technology Dash2
Race Technology DL-1 DataLogger with CAN interface
Custom 'Carputer' with:
* Intel Core-2 Duo
* 7" Touchscreen Transflective LCD
* Satellite Navigation
* T-Mobile Internet
* Race Analysis Software
* Engine Management & Mapping
* Onboard Video Recording

Power: approx 250bhp at the crank
Weight: 499kg
BHP/Tonne: 501
Volume: 101.9 decibels at 7,000rpm

0-60mph: 2.8 seconds
Top Speed: 128mph @ 10,800rpm in 6th
Quarter Mile: 10.5 seconds
Top Gear Test Track: 1:20  ( be proven shortly)

Camber Front Left  : -2.0
Camber Front Right : -2.0
Camber Back Left   : -1.5
Camber Back Right  : -1.5

Front Toe : 20 mins out
Rear Toe  : 35 mins in

Rideheight Front : 110mm (measured on 185/60 tyres)
Rideheight Rear  : 135mm (measured on 205/60 tyres)

Tyre Pressures : 21-23psi HOT

This section is mostly for my reference!  Seeing as I created the wiring loom by hand, I guess i'd better document it properly!

CAR-ECU Marked with Silver Tape
Connects to 4 pin plug under the fuel regulator


White        Red            Switched 12v
Orange       Blue           Warning Light
Red/White    Green          Ignition/Start Switch
Black/White  Black          Tacho Feed

ENGINE-ECU Marked with Yellow Tape
Connects to the rear of the engine


Orange         Intake Air Pressure - Ground
White          Intake Air Pressure - Signal
Purple         Intake Air Pressure - +5v DC
Gray           Water Temp - Signal
Gray/Yellow    Water Temp - Ground
Blue           Oil Pressure
Blue           Gear Position - Neutal
Yellow         Gear Position - Signal
Black          Gear Position - Ground

ENGINE-ECU Marked with Blue Tape
Connects to the injector loom


Gray/Yellow    Throttle Pos
Blue           Throttle Pos
Black          Throttle Pos
Green          Intake Air Temperature
Black          Intake Air Temperature
Gray           Injector 1 - Switched
Black          Injector 1 - +12v
Orange         Injector 2 - Switched
Black          Injector 2 - +12v
Purple         Injector 3 - Switched
Black          Injector 3 - +12v
White          Injector 4 - Switched
Black          Injector 4 - +12v

CAR-ECU Marked with Red Tape
Connects to the engine head


Gray           Cam Position Sensor
Black          Cam Position Sensor
Orange         Ignition 1 - Trigger
Black          Ignition 1 - +12v
Yellow         Ignition 2 - Trigger
Black          Ignition 2 - +12v
White          Ignition 3 - Trigger
Black          Ignition 3 - +12v
Purple         Ignition 4 - Trigger
Black          Ignition 4 - +12v

CAR-ECU Marked with Brown Tape
Connects to the alternator/crank case


Red            Alternator +
Black          Alternator -
Blue           Crank Position Sensor
Green          Crank Position Sensor

Race Technology Connections
What the analog terminals are used for

DEVICE       - PIN           - PURPOSE

Dashboard      Analogue 1      Gear Position
Dashboard      Analogue 2      Fuel Level
Dashboard      Analogue 3      Water Temperature
Dashboard      Analogue 4      Oil Temperature
Data Logger    Analogue 1      Gear Position
Data Logger    Analogue 2      Water Temperature
Data Logger    Analogue 3      Oil Temperature
Data Logger    Analogue 4      Fuel Level

Fuel level 0.229 - 3.60

Dashboard Screens
The user-configurable screens on the DASH2 Dashboard

Screen 1     Water Temp       Oil Temp        Fuel Level
Screen 2     GPS Speed        GPS Heading     GPS Altitude
Screen 3
Screen 4     Throttle Pos
Screen 5     "G" Lng          "G" Lat         "G" Total

Voltage Curve: FUEL

-%-     -V-
0       0.229
20      1.000
40      1.800
60      2.500
80      3.200
100     3.600

Voltage Curve: WATER TEMP

-DEG-     -V-
13        2.290
30        1.500
70        0.440
120       0.110

Voltage Curve: OIL TEMP

-DEG-     -V-
13        4.130