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Westfield Megabusa Build & Race Diary

The megabusa has come to an end - it is being stripped down and re-chassied as a Duratec race car. Visit to see progress!

Following terrible unreliability and three major engine failures, i decided to go down the car engine route.

For 2008, the megabusa was entered in the SEMSEC (South East Motor Sport Enthusiasts Club) race series. So we now have a new website section 'Racing' to track the progress!

It was a turbulent 2007. From the idea starting in May, the car was unofficially 'finished' on September 3rd, exactly 23 days after the kit arrived, taking a total of 139 hours, 216 man-hours. Of course, cars like this have a habit of never being finished - a new carbon dash, datalogger and computer install were the first round of upgrades. Following 2 disasterous track days, the engine ran dry and blew a main bearing resulting in me buying a new engine, sump, pump and tank.

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October 3 2008 - The last post
This is the last post on this website before takes over.  Thanks to everyone for watching progress and keeping an eye!

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